Freeplay Quest Walkthroughs
Quest Where To Begin Difficulty
Black Knight's Fortress Sir Amik Varze
Cook's Assistant Lumbridge Castle Cook
Demon Slayer Gypsy in Varrock
Doric's Quest Doric
Dragon Slayer Champion's Guild Master
Ernest the Chicken Veronica
Goblin Diplomacy Either of the Goblin Generals
Imp Catcher Wizard Mizgog
Knight's Sword The Squire
Myths of the White Lands Explorer Jack, north of Lumbridge
Unstable Foundations Started automatically after you create a new account.
Pirate's Treasure Redbeard Frank
Prince Ali Rescue Hassan
Restless Ghost Father Aereck
Romeo & Juliet Juliet
Rune Mysteries The Duke of Lumbridge
Sheep Shearer Fred the Farmer
Shield of Arrav Reldo the Librarian
Swept Away Maggie, west of the Legends' Guild
The Blood Pact Xenia, Lumbridge Graveyard
Vampire Slayer Morgan
Witch's Potion Hetty

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